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Word Score app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 3360 ratings )
Games Education Board Word
Developer: Rajesh Mehta
0.99 USD
Current version: 4.1, last update: 6 months ago
First release : 20 Jul 2010
App size: 12.34 Mb

******* Word Score has been in Top Paid Word App for over an Year *******

If you like scrabble, you will love this game.

Play against time and show your vocab Power.

What Users have to say about Word Score

Very Addictive and very entertaining
Fun, challenging word game.
I play it all time during my commute.
Excellent game. Me and my son play it all time. It helps him learn more and more words.

Word Score is a word game. User can form word from the given letter. User need to achieve the target within the time given. Target keep on increasing as user start moving up the level.

Each letter carry different points. Points for each letter are listed on each letter buttons.

Select bonus letter in your word to earn 2 or 3 times of your total word score.

To earn maximum points from word try to create bigger words. Bigger word carry bonus points.

User gets bonus points for each seconds left. (1 second left = 1 point). This gives user motivation to complete level target sooner.

Game ends when user misses points target for the level.

"Last Letter" new mode of game play. Next word starts with last letter of previous word. It makes game more interesting as you need to think about next word while working on current word.

Pause, Play and Restart game anytime.

Post your score on Leaderboard.
Lot of Achievements to achieve.

User can save highest point along with their name.

User can also post their score on Facebook. User gets different medallion status when they reach score milestone. These medallion status is posted on the Facebook along with the score.

Post your score and achievements on Twitter (iOS 5.0 and later).

Latest reviews of Word Score app for iPhone and iPad

This is a really simple word game that can kill some time. Its only 99 cents so I dont expect e world. Having said that I would love to see some simple stats like average points per word, average words per round/minute etc. Would make me want to play it more.
Bugs and glitches
The timer starts running faster and faster. Cant get to main menu. Uninstalled and reinstalled and problem persisted.
good for practicing your spelling and it is challenging
Fun but with a fatal flaw
This is actually a pretty fun game but it has one significant problem. First, the gameplay... Each round is two minutes and you have to score a certain number of points to advance. Points are scored by counting the letter values of the words played, ala Scrabble. Each time you play a word the letters you used are replaced with new ones, so you always have a full board at your disposal. The difficulty level is managed by increasing number of points needed for each round. Now for the flaw... as each word is played the letters are randomly replenished with new ones. However, it seems that the number of vowels on the board gets smaller and smaller. At least half of my games thus far have ended prematurely when Ive had no vowels at all left on the board and couldnt play. I dont think this was done as a measure to increase difficulty. Im purely guessing here, but I think the problem is that theres four times more consonants than vowels in the alphabet but the author didnt take this into account when coding the routine to randomly pick new letters. As a result the number of vowels slowly diminish as the game progresses. Its rather frustrating to run out of vowels with more than a minute left on the timer. Once this is fixed, Id probably give this games five stars. I probably shouldnt give it four stars in its current state but it is still fun to play. If you like word games, definitely give this game a go once a fix is issued.
The game is a lot of fun for anyone who likes word games like boggle or scrabble. However, despite the developers claim, I just ran out of vowels in the latest version. Also, it would be helpful to place a pause button and if the vowel situation isnt fixed, a way to rescramble the letters.
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